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Today marks the 4th year since I first held a DLSR. I never had a single idea how this “toy” would become a passion. I didn’t even know how to use one. I, for one, is camera shy and I never want my photo to be taken. I couldn’t remember I’ve had photo of myself since I was a kid. I started with things…anything I can make use of as a subject. And as a green apple, I think anybody who holds a DLSR, photographer-wanna-be would have the same shot in front of a mirror, holding as if broadcasting that you own a DLSR. How cool is that?! . Hence, the picture here. That was me holding my first camera. I think it’s a cliché.

For four years, I have changed my camera twice and I would say I am happy with my last purchase and I never changed since J For four years, I have been into reading and practicing. I have collected few “paraphernalia” to explore photography until it became a hobby. I started with things…anything I can make use of as a subject. I hooked up with friends who have the same passion. We used to have sessions and I figured I wanted more. I practiced…and practiced…and practiced. I think it even became a tradition that any of my close friends celebrating their birthdays would have a photo session with me.

I have collected a fair bit. And I decided I want to take this to another level and be serious about it. And so, to all the faces you can find here – “THANK YOU!”. I am just grateful that all of you shared the fun with me through these years. These people have been my critics and my fans at the same time.

And without “my person, my partner”, I think I wouldn’t make it this far. Sometimes, photo shoot is meaningless without her. Nevertheless, thank you for always pushing me to my limits and for believing that I can do better, even if it means not talking to me because my work just doesn’t pass your taste. Lolz!

Let’s spread the fun, shall we?!!

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