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For Aileen & Gerald

Surely there are too many things you need to think of or consider when taking photographs. We had a chance to cover a friend’s pre-nup and wedding in 2012…and believe me we still have not finished collating their wedding photos up to this very moment :p (I know it’s bad of me) Anyhoo, we had so much fun shooting their pre-nup and pre-wedding photos and videos. One of ‘em things that made me so excited is using this slider for the videos. This was also the first time we are using this and the first video we have ever done. Cooler than we thought, since we didn’t have complete materials, we had to make do of what we have. This, a tripod and a loan set of telephoto lens did the trick. It was fulfilling knowing that our friends were happy with the outcome. We ended up with 2 videos, 2 teasers “save the date”, and a compilation of all the photos taken.

We have watched this two from the time they were reunited as childhood friends, as a couple, their wedding day and when their little angel, Alaina Gabrielle, was welcomed to earth. They are, by far, our favorite models. It’s purely fun shooting this family!

Check out some bloopers in this video….

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