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For Dave & Ann

This may be of a late post but it ain’t late for something that’s really sweet and F-U-N! This project has been in a brew for more than a year and finally we got a chance to take our first shoot in July 2014. A second leg of F-U-N! happened a month after. This was supposed to be a gift for Dave for their anniversary in September 2013…. stretched to his birthday in October 2013…and what do we know? All were just merely plans and talks and nothing came to reality until this year.

I’ve known Ann for only 3 years now. She is nothing else you could ask for for a person that she is…a boss, a mentor, a sister, a friend…and when I say “friend” – she’s everything. She will be there for you even if you misbehaved…but she will give you a h*ll of everything. A true person who will speak her mind out in anything and everything…selfless...silly…and free. Needless to say, she is just “Ann”

Obviously, I’ve known Dave thru Ann. He was all imaginary to me with whole lot of good impressions until I met him in 2013. And I realized then, these 2 make a couple and it would really be an experience for me to take their photos.

So it happened….and I was right. There was never a dull moment. Each laughter just makes it even better. Check out their album and see for yourself. I need not say more :)

And just because I have this great deal in their photobook, I was offered few more pages of F-U-N! photos with them….cheers to the 3rd leg and it will happen very soon!!

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