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My Love...My Drug...

I couldn’t wait to post these photos….My sissy has been asking why I didn’t have her photos in my website. So I had to tell her the truth that my RAW data have gone missing and I couldn’t find her photos from the previous shoot we had. I meant to re-edit ‘em is why.

So came her very short visit home, we forced to squeeze a shoot with her. I knew I wouldn’t have difficulties with this one and I knew it would only take a while to finish the session. I was right. It’s in the genes :D – “click-and-go”. No wasted shots! Of course it’s more F-U-N sharing your passion with your family, particularly your sister :) I couldn't be more happier!!

Well, what can I say? This smart b*sh is the mentor of the family. She has been there for us and with us thru the good and bad. She is not only our sister and mentor…she is “the” one person we all look up to in every aspect of our living lives. We are just so lucky to have her.

I hope you enjoyed the session and thanks for the F-U-N times. Please say you love the photos… :p

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