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I’ve had F-U-N opportunity to work with Lee Family over the last weekend. Celebrating their parents’ 50th wedding anniversary and a chance to gather other family members who wanted to be a part of this simple but very pleasant celebration. It was not at all fancy, glamorous event so to speak. There were no flowers nor balloons, bright decorations and expensive gifts. However, the intimacy topped all the grandness you could ever imagine. No pretensions.

They are the sweetest!

No one’s family life is perfect. Cliché as we all dream to have a perfect one. We all know that these perfect pictures families that always seem to loom over us on posters and bill boards, movies and fantasies, there are more complexities and dynamics than all these smiles and laughter. I was taken aback because their portraits are not the opposite of their family lives and relationships. I sure want to know this couple’s secret to keep their family together aside from the right [tons] amount of work and determination, they sure made their family life the best it can be. Tough work for 50 years! These photos are exactly how this family is – fun, silly, decent, simple…just lovely!

I am glad to be a part of this event. Pleasure is all mine! =)

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