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For Gergel & Towet

Yet again, I was invited to take a photo of another couple I've never known nor heard of, except for good words a close friend - more of a sister - had been sharing me all this while. I never had an impression until the night I got to spent with a tiny box where we all had to squeeze to make this happen.

I've always been mesmerized by pregnant women who are about to explode. It is amazing how they can keep a life alive in them for nine months, however heavy the tummy is...yet, the joy a life brings to a person is just unexplainable.

I have taken so many photos of people in different walks of life. They always say that you would know if a couple would succeed in their lives being sincere and happy together when you get to know them. I get to know my subjects when I spend time taking their photos. It is true, I must say, this is one sweet couple who would stay strong, happy and in love with each other through the test of time.

I am certain that both of you will be good parents to baby gia.

Don't thank me for this...because it is truly my pleasure to have spent this short of a time with you and experience at least a quarter of what you both have...and i can go on and on and on... :)

so here's to team Gergel & Towet

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