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A blessing in disguise

I've met Shruti during one of the trainings I had attended. I didn't know that she still remembers that I do this as a past time. I don't usually brag about what I do over the weekends. But, hey, what can I say, she has a very sharp memory...I don't.

First, I didn't know that she is my neighbour. I saw her doing one of her night walks around the vicinity and usually with her lovely son. That's when I knew that she is expecting. And we have been inviting each other for a tea or simple breakfast over our places which became far from happening because we couldn't fix a date.

Second, I came across her one afternoon in the office lift with her beautiful all shaped tummy and I had suggested that she should take more photos of it. And that's when she remembered how I brag about me taking photos and voila! that was the fastest 3 minutes opportunity I've ever had. And that's when the never-scheduled tea and simple breakfast. Who would have thought?

Anyway, it is always my pleasure to take these kind of photos. Like what I always say, I am mesmerized by woman who are pregnant. This has always been my favorite subject. So we took the opportunity to play with colors since they wouldn't want to know the gender of their new angel. Shout out to a friend who is always there to help me in most of my shoots, giving me all the sweetest ideas =)

Vinz, her husband who is very supportive of her, took time to be around during the shoot and be part of it. Thanks to you!

And of course, for every shoot that I've done, I would always have my favorite shot/s...the way i want it to be ... most times, the way i wasn't expecting for the photos to turn out.

For this couple, thank you so much for inviting me and entrusting your pregnancy shoot with me. I hope I was able to content you with your expectations. You have a lovely family. I am very sure that both of you make good parents to your lovely children =)

See the rest of the photos here >> Vinz & Shruti <<

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