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sister love...

The bond that you share with your sister is irreplaceable.

I agree. It took me a while to finish this album because I get emotional. Call me melodramatic, but it's true. These ladies remind me so much of my sweet, fun, loving relationship with my sister.

I thought of giving them a tribute since Cess is getting married soon. a memoir they share before she walks down the aisle. The only two hija's in a family and the youngest at that. I was told that they share everything and anything together since young. Although they have different personalities, a complete opposite, the common denominator is the love they have for each other. It is very pleasant to see them pretensions, no irky feeling, no competition. It's just so pure and genuine.

An ally, for life. Even they have different say to anything, they support each other and stand by each other no matter what. A person who understand one's short comings and temper; encourages one's foibles to be once's strongest point. These two are the sweetest!

Nevertheless, this fun shoot didn't stop us to take each solo. I wanted to say more but I guess their photos say a lot already that I am left with no words to add.

Visit their album in my gallery... > Cess & Maxi < ... you'd understand what I am ranting here. Each shot means a lot to me, you'll know why I get emotional each time.

To Cess & Maxi... thank you!

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