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You must be wondering what PRIDENT is. Neither have I heard this before until I met these bright men who are behind this non-profit organization, along with others. They are a team whose mission is to empower LGBTQ+ community in Singapore with sound financial advises and solutions. First time I am hearing this...rare...innovative...but, hey!, they mean well and they mean serious business.

In a country where society is regarded as conservative, LGBTQ+ community is challenging to be manipulated with this initiative. Same sex relationship is not recognized here although I am certain that there are alot out there who share the same happiness being themselves. Despite many advocates, I believe, are stepping up to create awareness, people in this community face discrimination. And in the end, they hide their relationships under the wraps, keeping quiet wondering how their lives would be in future. Some go elsewhere where they can be accepted by the society and be free from bashes. PRIDENT is established to help LGBTQ+ community be aware of their rights, what can they do, and be proud of who they are and what they have. Equipped with many years of profound experience in Insurance, Financial Planning, Investments, and Real Estate, these men are out there to guide you through.

I only have good things to say about these men... witty, bright, funny, creative in their own H-U-G-E ways.

Know inspired and motivated. And as they say - "Think Prudently. Live Proud." visit PRIDENT website.

And while you are at it, check out their F-U-N shoot here!

I took the opportunity to take more photos individually. Click the links below and smile all the way with their photos. So let me break it down...

William: the firm and serious one. Ask him anything, not just about real estate, but everything, you will get sound answers, you will learn alot of things from this chap...even things you have not heard before. He is the one to run to! Intellectual, kind heart, sweet soul, focused, a lover, a friend....rolled into one!

Kelvyn: the sweet one. I always associate him with my youngest brother. Quiet, sweet, timid but when he starts speaking, you would just listen to him all through out and all the way. Not a dull moment with this one. Patient, a great sport, hopeless romantic, genuine soul...and the list go on! Oh! and the spread you prepared for all of us were just delish!

Corin: the artistic, happy go lucky one. I've known Corin for a while though. He happens to be my "work husband". And even if we do not work together anymore, we still communicate. We still call each other lǎ opó (wife) and lǎo gōng (husband). An endearment, which I think we will forever use to address each other until the world blows up! Thoughtful, realistic, speaks the truth no matter what...his life experiences brought out who he is right now and I am the luckiest lǎ opó.

I wish I could say more, I have gazillion more to say about these three...but I won't. I'll let their photos speak for themselves.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the memorable and F-U-N shoot, a friendship that was instantly built...until the next shoot!

PS: not forgetting to mention my shenanigan during the shoot, Shiela G. You added to the F-U-N! i owe you forever! XO

...and this is were I end this post :D

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