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sign..sealed..delivered.."i'm yours" (a prelude to Doy & Cess' unity)

How do you stay in love with the same person over and over again? Love is a universal language, they say. Relationship is not logical like math. The numbers don’t always add up; they are about the space between people, the back-and-forth flow, feeling the whole being of the other. That takes time, determination, an open heart, and a sensitive touch...I can go on and on with all these qualities a couple must have to stay in love and faithful with each other. Question is "how?". Don't ask me, I am not a love expert. All I know is that you give your all to make it last,but that's not all there is. I know a secret though - know the basics, you'll keep the spark, you'll get to keep the person you love no matter what comes along.

I don't mean to rant. I am just at awe at this couple. It is only recently that I met them but it seemed like I've known them forever. Generation now, it is very rare to see a couple who adores each other, support each other, bicker at times but you know bickering is just one of their ways to say how important they are to each other. I may not know their entire story but a day [well] spent with them was a was pleasant, fun, spontaneous. I am grateful to be a part of this love story. I am certain that they will spend the rest of their lives together. There is no doubt about that.

I wanted to do something different than normal and usual pre-nup shoot that's redundant and common but of course I'd have to go with what they have in mind. So, I applied my usual approach of having different dimensions, looks, and the same time - keep it natural.

I was told that this love story is like The Red String of Fate - a Japanese Legend where two are connected in fate. It was told that this ties can never be broken. It might be the case that fate has already guided them to the point where they can bring change into the lives of others. Many can relate but only few can really understand this until it truly happened to them and they became the witness of this string which binds them closer and journey together to their unity.

One is a frustrated artist and the other is an artist by profession. So you could just imagine the pressure this had given me. I am very worried that my photos will not be up to their standards. Both are God fearing, which again, is rare for a couple. Or maybe I am just too blinded with the world outside I couldn't even notice that there are still few who live by and believe in God's mysterious works. DOn't get e wrong, I am a believer and i have strong faith, enough to last me each day. Having said this, it is obvious that God is the center of their relationship...which made all things possible for them till this day and till the very end. We were praying it won't rain which has been the case for the past few days. From dusk till dawn, we covered the places which strike their personalities and symbolizes their love for each other. We ended way earlier than we expected and guess what? it was a beautiful sunny day =)

I wanted more and I wanted something simple and elegant. So we continued the day with an indoor shoot. Although this is not part of the plan, big thanks to all who helped make this day possible and a success.

To Doy and Cess, I couldn't thank you enough for sharing your story with me. Thank you for being a doll and good sport. Hands down for making me believe that true love and happiness really do exist...something that doesn't have any pretensions, any doubts, worry free...and most of all, something that's blissful...something that money can't buy. Thank you for the fun shoot! Best of luck to the next journey of your lives. all who get to read this, you may want to keep this in mind before tying the knot

access the rest of the photos in their album > Doy & Cess <

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