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for Rochelle...

I would say this is a long overdue photo sesh with this lady. I've asked her few times, if my memory doesn't fail me, but Rochelle would always have reasons - never ran out of reasons to tell...and her fickle minded self couldn't decide when, what, where and how...and so I stopped asking. One night over dinner, she mentioned about this business she is into and it gave me a lot of ideas how to market her business. Took me a lot of courage to ask her again, but this time she said "YES"!

And besides, I also needed to add more on my portfolio. My goal is to have at least 1 photo session each month.

And so it happened...

Images can be crucial aspect of engagement - social media, blog, posts, marketing material...the list goes on, and this is exactly how her business can be a success. People love to see pictures, and now adays, I believe people would rather “read” stories with images, than with a lot of text...[I am guilty as charged]...

So I thought of making her a “bank” of images she could use throughout the year or maybe for the next six months or so. I figured it can be incredibly handy. I am a no good planner but I have these pictures in my head on how the photo shoot would go. I imagined a lot of things, I gave her ideas, suggestions on what clothes to wear, places we could go nearby. I always capture images based on the personality and interests of my clients. I also thought of the things I do on a daily basis, places of interests, even locations where I want to have F-U-N (ie beach, ice cream & cotton candy shops, balloons, or simply chillin' at home). I wanted her to be herself and use these photos to tell her story.

But of course, nothing can be perfect on the day of the shoot. You have to anticipate the worst. Rochelle came bearing nothing but her dolled up extra clothes, hair was a disaster. Nothing from what we have discussed weeks prior to the shoot. And so I had to take the lead and thanks to my shenanigan who always shows up on my photo shoots to help me.

Nevertheless, to this woman named Rochelle Valerie, a BIG thank you for being such a good sport, for following my lead, most importantly, for making the shoot F-U-N! I hope you would be able to tell your story with the mages we captured.

Full album <here>


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Rochelle Valerie
Rochelle Valerie
Sep 12, 2021

I've imagined perfect photos when I agreed with the photoshoot as your post birthday gift (in addition to the surprise video and amazing night with friends). Reason being, I wanted to lose my covid weight which never happened.

That day was undoubtedly fun and the photos turned out to be amazing as you.. yess.. 😉 The stills and the memories will be treasured forever.

Your talent in photography, creative imagination and patience with your client/friend (perfect example - ME ) will be The "Kai" that I will remember.

Btw, this is not a goodbye, birthday message or anything. I'm beyond grateful having you around and for this.



kay ching
kay ching
Sep 12, 2021
Replying to

and so i am lost for words to say here =) likewise, thank you not only for this but for everything too!😜

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