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23 June 2021 - my birthday. I remember vaguely I was scouting for some ingredients for dinner. I received a call from Lucy asking me if I still do photography. The next thing I remember, I was at her place, few days after that call, deciding which part of her house do we the shoot. A week passed and there we were!

Lucy is an acquaintance. I've known her over the years and would have dinners and BBQs with her and her husband, Dave, sometimes along with other group of friends. A mother figure to everybody, caring and thoughtful. Dave, on the other hand, is a funny, loving husband. Very informative man, knows alot of things going around anywhere. They are both pleasant to be around with but I cannot deny the fact that my shyness takes over me each time. It eats me alive!

Every time I see or think of them, I smile because I know, for a fact, that it is not easy to uphold a family that has strong and tight relationship with each other. Maybe I won't understand it better until I'd have a family of my own. I admire the fact how both parents care and know so much about their children eventhough they are all grown ups.

I love the fact that even their helper, Ana, is treated as a family. She has been with them for many years that even their children are very close to her. I saw this during the shoot and it gave me goose bumps. You hardly see this nowadays. Their humble home is full of picture frames with Ana on it. How sweet is that?

Anyway, I always say, Family Shoot is not easy. You will discover alot of things during the initial discussion and challenges on the day of the shoot. But the idea and the goal is that you show the best possible connections a family has. You tell their stories, you give them additional memories on their books. This family does not need much of a guidance, they do not need to pretend how close they are. It comes out naturally and every click I made was just too overwhelming for me to look at. They are just perfect! If you know what I'm saying. Nevertheless, I wanted to say "thank you" for this opportunity. I am delighted to capture some stories of your family.

And I wouldn't say NO for another shoot or re-shoot with this fam.

I am no professional, at least not yet, but I always want to make sure that I bring the best of everybody in the shoot and give my best to make it F-U-N and engaging no matter what. Unfortunately, this is one shoot that, I feel, I didn't do a great job for so many reasons; eaten by my timidness. And for that, I apologize. It's been bugging me for weeks and now looking at the photos again, I figured Hey! they are not so bad after all! But my take on it does not matter. What matters is that if those photos were acceptable to my clients. You'll understand what I am saying here if you check out their full story in THE LIM FAMILY album.


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