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2019...a fresh start

Christmas is, by far, my most favorite season. Although I have been away from home for almost 2 decades and that I've grown accustomed to not celebrating it (it's been quiet all this while), I always look forward to this season. It's the joy that brings back a lot of good memories from childhood, the gift of giving, the holiday breeze, and just simply the thought of it makes me ecstatic!

This year is different. To start of, I've celebrated it with my family. I couldn't recall the last time we were all together. To top it all, I finally had a chance to have a fun shoot with them.

2018 had been good to us. It opened us to a lot of opportunities wit good influences around us. We became more wiser and we cherish all people who had helped us sincerely along the way. We have learned how to get along with people and be kinder with one another. So, 2019 ... a fresh start, with so much love, and with a BIG hope that we will always be together no matter how far we are from each other and a prayer that all our good intentions will finally bring us more blessings we could ever hope for and may all our dreams and aspirations come to life.

To make this season more memorable, my siblings and I had decided to get an ink to symbolize our bond and love for each other.

From my family to yours, may you all have a blessed and prosperous 2019!

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