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Juno and Friends

Eversince we got Juno, our lives turned 360 degrees. It's life changing but fulfilling. She's a handful especially when she was younger, we hardly have time for ourselves, neither can i take my camera out and get myself to start shooting again. My only remedy was my camera phone, which doesn't give me much conviction on how a photo should look like. I have been meaning to take a photo of her but I have been lazy and tired. I took this long weekend chance to make this project happen and I am happy with my results.

Juno - our 8-month old Golden Retriever. Forever mischievous and greedy. But a joy to have around. She is lovely and adorable, smart and sweet.

We didn't realize how big she's grown until we saw her photos. That smile can melt ones heart and take away ones foibles.

And so since I am in it, I have invited some dogs from the neighborhood. I was ambitious. I wanted it to be an open house free photo session. I've imagined making flyers, post something outside our gate, slip invites in mail boxes, talk to all dog owners and nannies around. I wanted it to be eventful and busy...and most of all, chaotic. Knowing how lazy I could be, I didn't manage to do all those. Instead, I had to ask our "boss" to help me spread the word.

There were few other dogs who came. I was relieved though not very happy. I wanted more dogs...or any pets.

Better than nothing.

Donny, Coco, Pedro, and Prada - owned by one of our neighbours. Happy that the owners allowed them to come by. I am very grateful! They came with a supportive parent, who even joined the photo shoot.

These frenchies are stellar! They are the friendliest. Prada is a Singapore Special, the protector of everybody, and even their house. Aren't they the cutest?

Marley - Marley is Juno's BFF. Of all her dog friends in the neighbourhood, Marley's ears are always abused. If they were paper, they could've been torn and shredded into pieces, or turned into powder, long ago. With Marley's size, she had to learn how to bite Juno back...and she did! BRAVO, Marley! Marley is forgiving though. She would always look for Juno. They never missed to check each other's houses whenever they walk at different times. So, imagine the stop overs.

To see the full collection of these loves, go to my new page - PETS

If you love this collection, leave your comments below and book a fun session thru CONTACT


On a side note, I figured that my being ambitious could've caused extreme chaos. Thanks to my laziness! I realized that shooting animals is not the easiest. There must be raining treats and they should be obedient enough to sit still. It was a challenge. We are all first timers in this area, we all didn't know what to expect. And for what it's worth, it turned out to be a fun shoot, like what I always wanted to achieve. Thank you to all who were convinced to be fooled by me and in the end had fun with me :D

Behind the scene, I have all these kept photos, in memoir.

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