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For Shiela...

Took me awhile to write this because, to be honest, I do not know what to say about this woman. Even as I type now, I have alot in mind that I want to say but I couldn't get my thoughts right. I guess what I am saying here is that there are too many things to say about her, too little space and everything just connect with each other and I do not want to miss a thing. But if I did, forgive me. I believe you know what are those things, anyway. And pardon me if this post is a bit personal and full of life and emotions.

I've known Shiela for years. She is a sister to me, but she is the older one when she thinks and make decisions. I was doubtful of what she becomes, I was afraid for her to fail, to get hurt and start all over again. And I was prepared to be there for her if those ever happen. Not that I was wishing for her to reach her rock bottom. I suppose, I was just being a BIG sister to her. She might not know it, but really I was deeply concerned of her from the start.

2020 is a remarkable year for all of us. Covid-19's universal! We, Sheila and I, were one of those with high dreams and special cases and scenarios waiting for our lives to turn around and live to the fullest. Because of unfortunate circumstances, we waited until like forever that never came. We kinda adopted Shiela to live with us. Few months living with her, I realized so many things about her. I realized that she is a woman of intellect, responsibility, discipline, tact, and firmness. I was taken aback by what and who she really is...I was impressed! Proud as a sister and happy for her as a friend. And so I figured, I can just leave her be...I can shut down and she would be there living her own life and helping me get up at the same time. She was my confidante. She sparks joy with full of smiles at home when things are rough. She's seen me weary and disoriented considering she has things going on too personally. She would stay up and drink with me every time, especially when I edit my photos.

This is one way I know how to say "thank you" and "I appreciate you". Even my best friend was thankful that you stayed with us. I hope I can return the favor some day.

I was excited and happy to do this photo shoot. Right when I really needed an outlet so I asked her if we can have a session. With no hesitation and with conviction, she excitedly said "YES!". And so big baby girl, I know how strong of a woman you are, I've seen how you took each blow in life and still stand tall , know that I will always be here for you, support you, and be proud of you. I love you forever!

PS: I hope your offer for me to do your pre-nup and wedding shoots still stand :D

Click to see the full set of Shiela G.

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